A 14-days marathon "Study Abroad For Free"

We start on March 15
Open your mind to new experiences

Marathon "Study Abroad For Free"

Who is this marathon for?
and you plan to apply your bachelor's degree abroad
and plan to apply for a bachelor's or postgraduate program abroad
and you want to continue your studies or get a second degree abroad
Why do you need a marathon?
If you want to study abroad and get a scholarship. Don't look for excuses - look for opportunities. Become a student of a top university abroad!
Save time and money
You will go abroad at no cost and save time and money on the consultancy services
Reach your goals
You will understand how to get a scholarship for your studies and will have the package ready for the application process
Admission process details
You will learn how to prepare a strong admission package for admission to different programs in different countries
How does it work?
You choose a suitable tariff
You register for a marathon
You go through the lectures and exercises and get a feedback
You prepare an admission package and get an offer from the university of your dream
How is the marathon going?
Videos and live streams
10 lectures that guide you through all the steps of the admission process and answer the most important questions.
Includes all the basic steps to work on your admission and prepare you for the interview.
Our team reviews your homework, guiding and delivering results. You will know what you should improve in order to get a scholarship.
Admission to the country and university of your dreams!
Marathon program
Day 1-3 - Free
  1. Introduction. Ways to Study Abroad
  2. Free education options
  3. Choice of direction
  4. The choice of the country and peculiarities of training in individual countries
  5. Assessment of the chances of going abroad with a scholarship

Day 3-8
  1. Funding types, strategy for finding scholarships and grants
  2. Selection of training programs and scholarships.
  3. Formal requirements for admission: documents, language certificate, visa issues, communication with the university
  4. Informal aspects of admission: achievements, personal brand and qualities of the candidate
  5. Strategy and timeline of work, how to properly distribute the load, what points should be paid attention to in the first place (deadline, preparation time)

Day 8-14
  1. Personal Brand - Introductory Lecture
  2. Achievements - Introductory Lecture
  3. Motivation letter
  4. Summary
  5. Letter of recommendation
  6. Applying for the program and scholarship
After successful completion of the marathon:
You have a list of programs and universities that provide scholarships and grants
You know the formal and informal requirements of universities and scholarship programs
You draw up your strategy and detailed admission plan
You have ready-made application documents: letter of motivation, resume, letter of recommendation
The cost of the admission process WITHOUT a marathon - $1500
We know how to do it much cheaper!

3 days * with the possibility of extension
2 weeks
2 weeks
until your enrollement
Marathon author
Maria Primak. Founder of Primavera School.
Maria studied in Spain, Switzerland and France. Received a scholarship of $ 12'000 for an undergraduate program and $ 40'000 for a master's degree in Switzerland. She worked in the UN in Geneva and in sales and charter of yachts in Monaco. For 5 years she worked as a regional representative for the CIS of three universities in Switzerland. Helped over 500 students to go abroad.

Her clients received offers from Oxford, King's College London, University College London, Monash University, Melbourne University, University of Washington, University of New York, University of California, Columbia University, University of Zurich, LMU Munich, Free University of Berlin, Freiburg University, Bocconi Business School and other prestigious universities.
Our results in 2 years of work:

offers to universities

in scholarships

admission rate
Success stories of marathon participants
Marathon participant
"After the preparation course, I passed IELTS at the score of 7.0, chose a suitable Fashion Management program from the program database, prepared and submitted all the documents on time." She went to study a master's degree at EU Business School n Barcelona (Spain).

Marathon participant
"I came to the marathon with a dream to study in England. After the marathon, I chose a study program for myself, prepared the required documents, applied for it and received a scholarship offer." She is currently studying at Coventry University in England. Received a scholarship of 30% on the total tuition fees.
Marathon participant
After the preparatory course, I passed TOEFL at a score of 105, learned the requirements for admission to US universities, and entered the US for a master's degree at the University of Florida. Received a scholarship of 20% of the tuition fee."
Take part in the marathon
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Our partners
Is a marathon suitable for me if I want to go to a specific country? For example, to Germany?
Yes, the marathon program was designed with the help of the School's mentors and takes into account the peculiarities of admission to various countries. Doing a homework will allow you to create an admission strategy to the desired country based on the results of the marathon.
If I watched the School's live broadcasts, will the marathon be useful to me?
Yes! The marathon covers all topics necessary for admission abroad, including information that has not been and will not be covered live. Moreover, the marathon is aimed at achieving practical results, and therefore its effect is higher.
How is the work on the tariff with homework going?
Homework assignments allow participants to start preparing for their admission right away during the marathon, so at the end of the marathon, each participant will have both a strategy for successful admission and the strong documents (motivation letter, resume, recommendation, etc.) to start the application process.
How long will the lectures from the marathon be available?
The marathon lasts 14 days, after which access to it is closed. On tariff VIP access remains forever.

When is the next marathon intake?
The marathon does not imply regular intakes, as it requires a lot of attention and work from the curators and mentors.
Will the marathon be useful to me if I plan to enroll in a couple of years?
Yes! You will understand how to start preparing now and develop a long-term strategy for admission, which will increase your chances of being enrolled at the first try.
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