Online-course "Level-Up:
from Pre-Intermediate to Upper Intermediate"

Work through 2 levels in 30 days

Start on - April 28
Price - from $120
Online course "Level-Up: Pre-Intermediate to Upper Intermediate "

Start on - April 28
Price - from $120
Using the achievements of andragogy, the science of how adults learn, and its teaching methods, we have created a unique course in the format of real group lessons - as in any advanced language school, only online. PrimaveraClass is our new course with Christina and Masha. Communication with classmates, a super-system of video lessons, streams and creative joint assignments, charismatic teachers and the author's methodology. This is how your future PrimaveraClass looks like. ;-)

Maria Primak
What You'll Get From the Course
Real group lessons in online format, live communication with classmates and joint assignments. If you do all the exercises, progress is inevitable. ;-)
Knowledge upgrade
Every week you will find a powerful block of grammar and vocabulary on a specific topic for the Intermediate level and above, as well as constant conversational practice to overcome the language barrier.
Super format
Lessons on recording and video broadcasting, fun theory plus instant versatile practice in the format of individual, pair and group exercises. This combination gives tremendous results and helps to pump the language on all fronts.
Checking individual and group homework by teachers. A month of continuous curatorial support in a private chat on Telegram.
Who Should Take This Course
Those who believe that online learning is not for them, and thus cannot learn new knowledge ;-)
Intermediate students who want to effectively improve their language in a short time
People who want everything at once: improve grammar, vocabulary and break through the language barrier
For those who need speaking practice, a group atmosphere, motivation and support
Meet Your Teachers
Founder & CEO Primavera Academy
Maria studied in Spain, Switzerland and France. Received a scholarship of $ 12'000 for an undergraduate program and $ 40'000 for a master's degree in Switzerland. She worked at the UN in Geneva and was engaged in the sale and charter of yachts in Monaco. For 5 years she worked as a regional representative for the CIS of three universities in Switzerland. Helped over 500 students to go abroad. Passed the language exams with high scores: IELTS at 8.5 out of 9.0 and GMAT at 700 out of 800.
Primavera Teacher
Christina lives in Germany and teaches English and German online for students who plan to go abroad. Prepares for IELTS, TOEFL, TestDaF. Has the highest teaching quality rating from students. The students' average TOELF score is 105 out of 120.
Maria Primak: "The main feature of the marathon is in group and pair work. Why is this needed? With the help of practical tasks that you will complete together with other students, you will be able to work out the language much faster and will stop being afraid to speak. Classes in a group give tremendous progress in mastering new material, and the communicative environment makes it easy to overcome the language barrier. If at first you will be ashamed to do the exercises together with your classmates, do not worry - no one will force you against your will. "

Maria Primak
How The Course Is Arranged
8 recorded lessons
Recorded lessons alternate with broadcasts and are linked by a single theme. New week is a new topic. Records are available anytime and anywhere as long as you have access to your personal account.
8 video broadcasts
Broadcasts are master classes, during which you can instantly practice theoretical material in practice. They can be watched online or recorded. For the Full tariff, we recommend live participation.
After each lesson and broadcast, there will be a quiz and homework to help you consolidate the material. And also creative homework from Masha with her feedback.
Personal rating and prizes
For each live attendance at the broadcast, a perfectly performed test, an individual, pair or group task, the participant of the marathon will be awarded points. The most active students will receive awesome gifts!
Live communication
Curatorial support, feedback from teachers, continuous communication with like-minded people in a closed community. And also creative group assignments and fun projects.
Additional materials
Helpful grammar and vocabulary guides, a set of books from Primavera Academy, and lesson notes.
To make it interesting for all students to interact in a group, we will select participants by their level of language proficiency (not lower than Pre-Intermediate) and age (18+). No discrimination, just the language teaching methodology in this course is aimed at adults.
Course contents:
Week 1
Lesson 1 | Have and Be verbs: Let's talk about the most important thing
Lesson 2 | Articles: Where, when and why?
Lesson 3 | New words: Friends, family, character, personality
Lesson 4 | Describing our appearance: Telling how beautiful we are
Lesson 5 | Present Simple: Very simple and real
Lesson 6 | Everyday life: We describe our usual day (we go to bed at 3, and get up at 7, yes) Lesson 7 | Present Progressive: Talking about the present and ... the future
Week 2
Lesson 8 | Hobbies, sports, leisure: What do we do instead of learning English
Lesson 9 | Pronunciation: Working on the accent
Lesson 10 | What else is there is: Counting milk, girls and bananas
Lesson 11 | The word order in the sentence: First-second - pay off!
Lesson 12 | Intonation: How do you talk to me?
Lesson 13 | Future Simple, To Be Going To: Telling About Future Plans to Take Over the World Lesson 14 | Past Simple: Telling how we took over the world yesterday
    Week 3
    Lesson 15 | Irregular verbs: Only the top lines of the hit parade
    Lesson 16 | Past Progressive: Did you wash the dishes all evening? It's good that it was yesterday Lesson 17 | Present Perfect: We just finished running times in this marathon!
    Lesson 18 | How to Learn: Tips, Resources, Life Hacks
    Lessons 19 | Modal verbs: MAY, MUST, CAN and their friends
    Lesson 20 | Prepositions of place: Where to put AT, ON, IN
    Lesson 21 | Time prepositions: AT, ON, IN… are they again? Understanding finally
    Week 4
    Lesson 22 | Phrasal verbs: Verb + preposition = surprise!
    Lesson 23 | What to do in an incomprehensible situation: They still don't understand me! SOS Lesson 24 | Comparison of adjectives: What is good and what is better
    Lesson 25 | Used to / get used to / be used to: What happened is gone
    Lesson 26 | The Language Barrier: How to Climb - Proven Techniques
    Lesson 27 | Conditionals: Zero or First? And what are the conditions?
    Lesson 28 | Passive voice: Stop suffering!
    Lesson 29 | TOP 10 Idioms: Let English be a piece of cake!
    Lesson 30 | Final lesson: Summing up, praising ourselves, writing down life hacks Online streaming
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