Online-course "Level-Up:
from Intermediate to Advanced"

Work through 2 levels in 30 days
Start on - April 28
Price - from $120
What You'll Get From the Course
Writing skills
After the marathon, you will write letters in English no worse than native speakers.
Learn to use correct articles and verbs without hesitation.
Knowledge for communication
You will understand the basis of the spoken language - verbs - and you will be able to communicate with foreigners without stress.
Now - no school gaps
Deal with complex structures once and for all. Examples are relevant, assignments are only relevant.
Meet Your Teachers
Founder & CEO Primavera Academy
Maria studied in Spain, Switzerland and France. Received a scholarship of $ 12'000 for an undergraduate program and $ 40'000 for a master's degree in Switzerland. She worked at the UN in Geneva and was engaged in the sale and charter of yachts in Monaco. For 5 years she worked as a regional representative for the CIS of three universities in Switzerland. Helped over 500 students to go abroad. Passed the language exams with high scores: IELTS at 8.5 out of 9.0 and GMAT at 700 out of 800.
Primavera Teacher
Christina lives in Germany and teaches English and German online for students who plan to go abroad. Prepares for IELTS, TOEFL, TestDaF. Has the highest teaching quality rating from students. The students' average TOELF score is 105 out of 120.
Who Should Take This Course
For middle and high school students - to consolidate the material covered during the holidays.
Employees of international companies and those who communicate in English at work.
Those who have taken the course "English grammar" from Venya and want to move on.
Those who cannot move from the middle level, but really want to.
How The Course Is Arranged
30 recorded lessons
Lesson a day. Recordings are available anytime, anywhere. Each lesson is dedicated to its own topic.
Broadcasts - to ask questions
Closed broadcast at the end of the course, as well as access to general broadcasts of other marathons for 2 months. They can be watched online or recorded.
Memo and tasks
After each lesson, there will be homework from Venya. There are also memos - with them it is easier to memorize the material.
Сертификат и скидка
All intensive participants will receive a certificate and a discount of $10 on an intensive.
Live communication
For those who need advice, there will be a chat in Telegram. There you can ask questions and chat with Maria.
Cozy chat for friends
Chat with Maria for those who want more. In it, Maria checks homework and answers questions about the marathon.
Course contents:
Week 1
Lesson 1 | Pronouns: How to Use Them
Lesson 2 | Pronouns: Who, whom, which, that
Lesson 3 | New words: How to learn them
Lesson 4 | Adjectives: Difference between some and any
Lesson 5 | Prepositions: What are they really needed
Lesson 6 | Conjunctions: Different types and their functions
Lesson 7 | Auxiliary Verbs: What Roles Do They Play
    Week 2
    Lesson 8 | Auxiliary Verbs: Dealing With Them Once and For All
    Lesson 9 | Overcoming Language Barriers
    Lesson 10 | What to do if the conversation isn't going well
    Lesson 11 | Understanding used to, be used to and get used to
    Lesson 12 | Comparison and Contrast Techniques
    Lesson 13 | The most common mistake: Subject-Verb Agreement
    Lesson 14 | Clauses: What is it?
      Week 3
      Lesson 15 | Passive voice: Stop suffering!
      Lesson 16 | How to Start Thinking in English
      Lesson 17 | Words to Help You in Any Situation
      Lesson 18 | Passive Voice: let's clean it up!
      Lesson 19 | Subjunctive mood
      Lesson 20 | English Tenses: Dealing with them one and for all!
      Lesson 21 | Linking verbs: What to do if nothing happens
      Week 4
      Lesson 22 | Conditionals in English
      Lesson 23 | Most Popular Idioms in English
      Lesson 24 | Understanding Spoken English
      Lesson 25 | Introductory words and phrases: Do we need commas?
      Lesson 26 | Adverbs: How to describe an action
      Lesson 27 | Advanced Grammar Rules for Adverbs
      Lesson 28 | Advanced adjectives: Time to show your level
      Lesson 29 | Advanced Clauses: Now no one doubts your level
      LEsson 30 | Closing Live Stream with Maria
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